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Haitai Green Materials Co. Ltd is a high technology company, which is located in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China. We focus on environment friendly materials developing, manufacture and sell, and built professional and experienced management team, R&D team, manufacture team, quality team and sell team. We own professional and advanced production line, which was designed by ourselves, and the workshop is million class dust-free workshop. Our newly product: electrostatic prevention and low-foaming PE film (“Pearl Paper”), which is new environment friendly film and intellectual property owned by Haitai, it has the same quality and performance with other worldwide leading products. This product is mainly used in LCD panels protection during manufacturing procedure and LCM packing. It can be made into pieces or bags, which is widely used in the following area. Packing of BLM, LCM, Injection products, Electroplating products, CD, tablet computer, touch-screen display, mobile phone, MP3, MP4 and other digital products. Compared with other plastic membranes, it has better advantage in sound proof , heatproof, moisture proof, waterproof, electrostatic prevention ,shock resistance. It also has better impact resistance and elongation at break due to soft and light features. It is a standard packaging material for electron components and digital display products at worldwide. The “Pearl Paper” can also be used in food package and medicine package. In order to assure quality, all of “Pearl Paper” are produced and packed in million dust-free workshop. We strictly follow ISO9001, ROHS standard, do check in each steps from raw material to finished product. We have enough experience and knowledge in materials, to fulfill the requirement of dust free, security, high quality. You will get best experience and service, and satisfied feedback in questions of packing materials. Adhering to " Sincerity-oriented, Scientific and innovation" concept, Haitai unites efforts with scientific research institutions and academies to keep innovation. Base on strong technical force, modern production equipments, excellent teams and perfect service architecture, Haitai welcome customers worldwide joining us to have mutual development and profit.



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